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What Report Would Best Help Identify Potential Browser Issues With Website Traffic?


The Browser & OS report

How to Find the Browser & OS Report in Google Analytics

First, in the left sidebar navigation, click Audience.

google analytics audience
Google Analytics Audience

Then click Technology. Depending on your screen size, you might need to scroll down a bit to find it.

google analytics browser & os
Browser & OS Option

Then click Browser & OS.

Now that you’ve found Browser & OS, how can you use the report to identify issues with web traffic?

How to Find Problems

If you have Conversions set up in your Google Analytics account and you see that the top browsers with the most traffic have good Goal Conversion Rates and the Goal Completion numbers look good, but then other browsers have good web traffic with %0.00 or low conversion numbers, then you might want to check your website in those possible problematic browsers.

Compare Bounce Rate

Another way you could check for issues with your website traffic is compare bounce rates.

You could take maybe six months of data, then compare that to the previous six months of data.

Then if the bounce rate has increased by a lot in the most recent six months, maybe there is a problem with that browser. Try to find out why people are bouncing more now than in the past.

google analytics bounce rate

In the example above, the reason for the higher bounce rate now is the drastic increase in users (the first few columns) compared to the previous six months.

However, in that case, if the user data was closer (like 2,203 and 2,100) and there was a big change in bounce rate in the most recent months, then maybe that browser is having trouble loading your website so people are bouncing back to Google.

Hopefully this post helped you learn what analytics report would best help identify potential browser issues with your website’s traffic.

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