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What the Google My Business Postcard Looks Like

Did you or an employee have a postcard sent from Google to claim your Google My Business profile?

Here’s what to look for when it arrives in the mail so it doesn’t get mistaken as junk mail and thrown away.

The front will have the info you entered when getting it sent, including if you entered an “ATTN:” name.

Such as:

  • Company Name
  • Attn: Michael Jordan
  • Street Address
  • City State, Zip Code

Here’s the front of the postcard:

gmb postcard front
Front of the GMB postcard with name and address.

And then here’s the back of it:

back of GMB postcard
Back of the GMB postcard.

And then when you open it, there will be the 5 digit code to enter into your Google My Business profile to claim and verify your listing.

The inside will look like this:

inside GMB postcard
Inside the GMB postcard with code.

I hope that helps so you’ll know exactly what to look for after getting a Google My Business postcard sent to your company’s address.

Check Your Mail

Now when you see it in the mail, you’ll know it’s not some kind of junk mail from Google and that it’s actually the card you’ve been waiting for to verify your local online listing.

Now that you have your postcard, you can contact us for our SEO outsource services. We are ready to help.

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3 thoughts on “What the Google My Business Postcard Looks Like”

  1. Got it. I had a card sent a few weeks ago but I think it accidentally got thrown away so I sent for a new post card.

    1. The number is the code to verify your business address in Google My Business. That means you verify your business’ address in Google maps.

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