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How To Remove Pinterest From Google Search

Are you tired of seeing Pinterest results cluttering up your Google search? If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with the dominance of Pinterest pins in your search results, you’re not alone.

Whether you’re looking for specific information or images, the abundance of Pinterest results can sometimes hinder your search experience. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps to effectively remove Pinterest from your Google Search results.

It’s actually pretty easy. Here is how to do it.

Fast Answer?

Use the minus character with in Google’s search bar.

You don’t need a plugin and don’t need to edit browser settings.

Need A Clearer Explanation?

Read on.

Let’s start with this example.

Searching Google for the keywords:

wedding dress ideas

You will probably get Pinterest in Google results.

Like this:

remove pinterest from google

Pinterest will most likely also be in Google Images like:

remove pinterest in google images

However, if you don’t want those results showing when you search in Google, you simply add to the end of your search.

So your new modified search using the example above would be:

wedding dress ideas

So it’s the minus (-) character sign and domain together with no spaces at the end of your keywords.

That also works to exclude Pinterest from Google image searches.

Image example with the domain exclusion modifier:

removing pinterest from google results
No Pinterest Results!

Other Countries and TLDs

And remember, Pinterest is in other countries, too. So with that example above, that would exclude only the .com version of the website.

That means you could still see results from,, etc.

Remember to add the minus sign before the domain with no spaces.

Like this:

wedding dress ideas

Why Exclude Pinterest From Your Google Searches?

Because everyone that doesn’t use Pinterest or doesn’t have an account knows how annoying it is when you click Pinterest Google results and then it asks you to sign in or create an account to see the pictures.

It’s very annoying. Please share this post or link to it from your blog if you found it helpful!

And to exclude words from Google search, you would also use the minus sign in your search. Also, you can call us to outsource SEO work for your company website.

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