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Once In a Blue Moon Easter Egg

Google is known for its quirky and fun Easter eggs that it hides within its search engine results like the The Wizard of Oz Google trick. One of the more elusive and rare Easter eggs was the “once in a blue moon” Easter egg.

What is the Easter Egg Once In a Blue Moon?

Historically, if you searched “once in a blue moon”, Google would give you to the mathematical equation for the occurrence of a blue moon: 1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz

Here is a screenshot of what the trick looked like:

once in a blue moon google Easter eg

Cool Easter Egg from Google

That is just one example of the many hidden surprises that Google has in store for its users, and it’s always exciting to discover something new and unexpected while using the search engine.

If you think this is a cool trick and Easter egg from Google, or if you can re-create it today, let us know in the comments below!

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